Zorilla and Sonnanstine

Ben Zobrist put on quite a show during a twin bill Twin-killing earlier this week. Zorilla had four hits and eight RBIs in the Rays 15-3 victory in the first game … and then tacked on three more hits and two more RBIs in the second game. To get some perspective, Zorilla became only the third second baseman in 60 years to post such gaudy numbers in a single day. 

That kind of accomplishment seems worthy of a history / trivia book on the Rays.
Too bad for Zobrist he didn’t plan better, else he could have coordinated with his teammate and new author Andy Sonnanstine, who in addition to delivering strikes with pinpoint accuracy has just delivered one of the finest books to date in Black Mesa Publishing’s IQ history / trivia series.
Sonnanstine broke the book down into ten chapters that tell the entire story of the Rays franchise, and the book also contains more than 200 brand new trivia questions. Surely room could have been made for one more based on Zorilla’s latest exploits … but alas, the book was already at the printer …
Maybe he’ll save it for Volume II?
I’d say there’s a good chance he will. In the meantime, this book, it’s the real deal. 
All your favorite players are in the book. Lots of quotes, lots of inside information, lots of amazing stories and history — and best of all, some astounding trivia questions.
Be sure to check it out here:

Tampa Bay Rays IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom (Volume 1)

Thumbnail image for DevilRaysIQ-FrontCover-mock3.jpg


I have talked to Andy for years and never knew he was even doing this….But the quiet guys never spill the beans.
If that picture was a full photo before cropping, I would be about 10 feet South of Shield’s shoulder.
Is the book only avaliable through Black Mesa?
Would love to review it….
Guess this is something else we never knew about the old Kent State star.
Did you know he provided 2 of the most famous moments in KSU baseball history?

Rays Renegade

Indeed, he had quite a career there — I’ll ask Andy to be sure to give you one. Thanks — I’d love it if you took the time to review it, that’d be fantastic!

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