Book Review: Make Me

This is a smart, fast-paced thriller by an author in top form. It has the same feel as some of the best books in the series—such as Echo Burning, 61 Hours and Worth Dying For—as Reacher finds trouble in a small Midwest town … but at the same time, this one is different.

It begins when Reacher steps off a train and has a chance encounter with a woman. Soon they are allies in a fight with no rules against a town they don’t understand.

Reacher has always been a cerebral brawler. If that’s even such a thing. He uses logic and deductive reasoning to solve problems just as easily as he uses his fists and patented head-butts, and he has morals that are simultaneously complicated and black-and-white.

It makes for one of the most compelling ongoing characters in thriller fiction—but here we see an older, evolved and more vulnerable Reacher. He even uses the Internet on a mobile device.

But long-time readers needn’t worry that older, evolved and vulnerable in some way diminishes his black-and-white mindset that so often leads to snarky dialogue and violent confrontations. I assure you it’s still in play, as illustrated perfectly by this exchange with his ally Chang:

Chang said, “When will he wake up?”

Reacher said, “I have no idea. Somewhere between two hours and never.”

“You hit him very hard.”

“He hit me first.”

If you are already a Reacher fan, then chances are very good that you will love Make Me.

If this is your first time reading a Reacher novel, then you are really in luck: this is number twenty in the series, and now you can look forward to reading the other nineteen.

This is an emphatic 5/5 stars and I highly recommend it for any reader who loves thrillers/mysteries. You can use this Amazon affiliate link to read more about Make Me.


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