Book Review: Final Hour

This is the second novella that features Makani and Pogo in the build-up to the release of ASHLEY BELL. Makani has the supernatural ability to read a person’s darkest secrets with a simple touch, but as we found out with LAST LIGHT this power can lead to devastating results.

In FINAL HOUR Makani again crosses paths with a psychopath—but unlike LAST LIGHT, which saw Makani and Pogo fighting for their own survival, this time they are on a mission to save an imprisoned girl.

It’s a quick read, and while it’s not even close to my favorite Dean Koontz novella it is still much, much better than the typical “short” that noted authors are routinely releasing these days in advance of their new novels.

There is always a reason for the madness in a Dean Koontz story—and I find that incredibly admirable, especially given the shallowness of the society we live in today. A quote from FINAL HOUR illustrates this: “It’s the sanest thing of all to live your life with the understanding that every hour may be the final hour.”

I would definitely recommend this novella: 5/5 stars.

To read more about this novella, use this Amazon affiliate link.


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