Book Review: The Forgotten Soldier

For the first half of the book I thought Brad Taylor had finally lost his momentum with this series. The plot is basically a rehash of a theme that rears its head in nearly every Taskforce book—that an extralegal organization, no matter how well intended, will ultimately betray its mandate by exceeding / abusing its authority.

In this instance, a member of the Taskforce goes rogue after his brother is killed in Afghanistan. The first half of the book is a lot of debate, and it did nothing to develop the plot. If anything, the actions of Pike and his team in past books is inconsistent with the outrage regarding the rogue Taskforce member in this book—but even ignoring that, the first half of the book felt like a disaster for the series.

And then out of nowhere there is a scene with Jennifer that blew me away. It’s a little past the midway point, and the rest of the book is non-stop, frenetic, adrenaline fueled Brad Taylor at his absolute best. The plot takes a turn, and the debate and slow build-up in the first half of the book turn out to be incredibly relevant—and by the time you turn the last page it’s one of the most satisfying thrillers you’re likely to read this year.

I love this series, love this book, and can’t wait for the next one: 5/5 stars.

I received a free digital edition from Penguin Random House First to Read in exchange for a honest/unbiased review. Use this affiliate link to read more about The Forgotten Soldier on Amazon.



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